Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

28 April 2011

Superman in the News

As usual, 
I woke up this morning
to the news on the radio,
and this is what I heard about:

It appears that perhaps some fans
(or maybe Superman himself)
as if forced to desperate means
like Barack Obama

took it upon themselves to prove
Superman's rightful birthplace.
Someone went and stole
this plaque, from its home

The state of this earth
is definitely a troubled one,
when even comic book heros
renounce their birthplace
it comes up for debate.

But perhaps we should take our cue
from the man from Krypton,
and recognized that national identity can sometimes limit
our perceptions of both ourselves and of others.

We are all,
after all,
citizens of the universe,
citizens of the galaxy,
citizens of the solar system,
citizens of this third planet 
from this sun,
we are all 
in this together.

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