Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

16 April 2011

Squeezing the Hours

I'm just squeezing the hours
of each day,
trying to find spare time
like a spare dime --
neither are worth much anymore,
and yet,
they're worth a lifetime.

That spare moment I can call my own
is what I seek
when I can even consider
this space
of Makropoulos:
the Makro pulos
makro polis
of the internet
where we all masquerade
as our true selves.

This is truly me.

The woman I wear every day
when I go off to work
is a facade I've developed over the decades -
she's a personality I've honed & developed,
and lordy lordy,
is she a hard worker.

But she's getting so tired,
as the years, decades, half centuries
wear on;
and all she wants to do
is expire
and let the true me
do the work I do best.

Well, well,
my dear internet friends --
give me another week or two, 
and I'll be back full force.

This has been a tough year;
a really tough year.

I hope it's been easier on you--


Graciel said...

you and me, darling. you and me. same boat. same facade. same need to 'let the true me do the work i do best'.

thank you for visiting. peace to your heart.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some days all one wants to do is retire. I know.

Makropoulos said...

Retirement: the oasis we're all striving for! May we all be healthy when we get there!