Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

25 February 2011

a star shines bright every night: a channelling


it's been a little while since
ol' Makropoulos has done
one of her extended

so there may be some folks out there
who might prefer
to ignore this one;
I can go places right now
that the ordinary
mind may find
a little
                                                        out there.

I know that.
But my mind goes there.

And somewhere in my heart I know

there is an iota of truth

in what I write.

I am grateful for the readers
I have,
and I realize sometimes
one of my extended pieces
can be tiring.

Hell, they're tiring for me.

But here goes:

The more I think about it, it's the way to go.

Yes, wouldn't it be a dream if

on 11/11/11 at 11:11


decided, that for the next year

or so

that is, until

12/21 2012
when the Mayan Calendar ends,

we all just started being


to each other?

~ * ~

I wrote that once,

and I'll write it down again.

Every morning I wake up to more news,

and it makes me think,

as I lie there in bed:

is it Armageddon yet?

I mean seriously folks,

how bad does it have to get

before we all stop trying

to destroy each other?

I mean seriously,


~ * ~

Because that's when Armageddon
will come.

At that moment when

we all

destroy each other.


at the rate we're going,

we may do it

before  December 2012.

That's right.

We're doing such a damned good job of hating

each other

that we might just succeed

at wiping all of us out

before we even get to December




the great proposal

is this:

stop it, will ya?

start being nice.

If you do that,

I'm telling ya'

Jesus will come

in the hearts of women and men

Jesus will come.
At this point, let
me please insert a channeling I received
on the morning of February 16:

I wake up every morning and I ask myself:

is it Armageddon yet?

How will we know 

when it's here?

Will there be trumpets?

(            I say no


no trumpets.


Just a deafening silence

as the apparatus (this world)  produced

by men and women

to sustain themselves
                                                       flickers off.

There may be screaming
a collective scream
of horror as we realize we
cannot turn it on 


There may be, if we believe
that that is what we need 
to survive.

There may be looting, and
mugging, and murdering
as the disaffected and 
assert their form of justice
over the judges and the lawyers and the abusive
law enforcers.
There may be unspeakable horrors
as humans are left
                            in the darkness
to discover the darkness
they harbor 
in themselves.

There may be.

But may be


What of Jesus?:

will he come again?

And how will we know,

will we learn by word-of-mouth
                          or radio

that somewhere in Bethlehem
in a stable 

was born to a virgin

( apod )

and a star shone bright?

And the relief will be great

because we will recognize Him.

But history shows

that Jesus does not come in the clothes

we expect him to wear.


not at all.

That is the true test:

recognizing Jesus

where we least expect


I'm fairly consistent
in my message
in this regard:
that yes, Jesus will come
if we let Jesus come

and the miracle again will be
the manner of Jesus' birth.

Jesus will be born,

to each of us, if we can conceive
of the notion that Jesus lingers

inside of each of us, that we are all Jesus

in disguise.

Jesus can and will come

and conquer the world

if everyone could be


if everyone dared to discard

their home and family

and a couple megolamaniac churches

and followed these teachings.

( apod )

I've said it before;

I'll say it again:

many would feel that

only an idiot -

a fool -

would follow the teachings of Jesus


I mean


Love one another?   (literally)

Don't judge one another?    (literally)

Do for the others as you 

would have them do
unto you?


Turn the other cheek 
rather than

fight back?


Only an idiot;

only a stupid Fool

would act that way

unabashedly and


in the modern world made by men.

I know, because I've tried.

And I have learned I have to keep a wide
to the ones who feel

that those who love unselfishly

are here for them to use and abuse.

I fight back bitterness and keep looking for that place where I found

utterly forgiving 


I won't give up on love;

it is the one thing that keeps us human

love, and laughter.

And I firmly believe

that to sustain humanity,

we must enact love

with a vengeance.

And if we try
we will see
that it's a very wise
who plays the card
of Love.

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