Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

05 February 2011

recognizing subterfuge: to Egypt

I need to speak of Egypt.

I watch, in amazement,
not quite sure
what to think.

Part of me wants to rejoice
in the collective power
of human will,

and part of me wants

to puke.

Not only are we watching,

on t.v. and the internet,
a modern revolution,
a revolution
fed and informed
by the new media,

 (New York Times story: 2011/02/06)

but we can also watch the machinations
of different political interests
at work.

The world has gained
a lot of skill at seeing
and knows that every international leader
that has something to say
has something to say
for a reason.

In fact, I think
every national population
-- except that of the USA --
has mastered the art of 



( psychologytoday )

~ * ~

As of right now, I agree
with Hillary

     Yes, the energy 
of popular uprising
is so stimulating,
but it can quickly become
rank and base,
especially once the 
popular uprising begins to realize it needs
to choose representatives.

Just today I read an interview,
in which a member of the crowd said
they need someone to 
and that,
my friend,
is where the trouble
can and will

can represent them?
Who can represent
a collective cry 
for freedom?

What one person can do that


I wish them well,
every sweet
I wish
them the very best.

jaunted )

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I wish them well too but it's true what you say -- a time of great opportunity can also go terribly awry if the wrong people seize power.