Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

10 February 2013

. . . . not too far from where I live

Buffalo, New York
gets a bad rap.

But after all the travels I've done,
and the places I've lived,
this is where I've ended up.

And sometimes they do things here that are just
too right.

Like this:

This is called a "Little Library."

Anyone is welcome to take a book, and to leave one.
they're just out there, on the streets (in the snow!)

And yes, if you're thinking:
isn't that a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the background?
Well, yes,
you're right.
That's the Darwin Martin House, one of the few multiple structure residential complexes 
designed by Wright,
and one of the biggest reconstruction projects of a Wright work.

Yes, I volunteer there, too.
I can't live in a city with something like that going on
and not try to help, even in 
the smallest way.

~ ~ ~

I'd like to say I'm hibernating, by the way,
and that is why I've not been here.
But that's not really true:
I am working like a dog.
I am tired,
and I am also writing~ ~ 
other things,
not this blog.

But I miss this blog,
and love its readers,
and I promise to return,
if only intermittently.

I'll be trying to return more and more
in the next few months
because this blog
helps me stay in touch with me.

'Til next time,
I hope it's soon,
here are a few photos
of Buffalo snow

stay warm, 
my dears ~ ~

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Steal some time for yourself! And for the kitties!