Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

18 December 2012

True Communion

( from: Food52 )

There are words we pass
To pass the time
And words of civility,
And words, like coins,
That fill that rhyme,
And too many of acrimony.
These words we spend
Without a thought,

Disregarding the ceremony
That occurs each time
We pass a word,
Like bread,
From mouth to mouth.

There is a wordspring,
Deep inside, where
Language lingers,
Aching to bond the hearts and minds
Of each sad, solitary human.
So we must treat the sharing of words,
As it should be, as
Because in sharing words,
Like bread,
We find immortal union.

(From: Chopra )


PENolan said...

After such a long time out of circulation, this poem is absolutely the most perfect "welcome back."
Much Love

Makropoulos said...

Hi! Nice to see you!