Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

20 December 2012

Today Is Your Happy Ever After

( from: mapmaker )

As we all know,
tomorrow is 12 21 2012.

Not a perfect palindrome, but nigh close to one.

And it is, according to interpretations of
ancient Mayan reports,
the End of the World.

I read somewhere, in fact, that 11:00 am is a time
to be wary of.
Now, I'm not certain if that accounts for
New Zealand Time,
Eastern Standard Time,
Lunar Standard Time,
Central Time,
Greenwich Mean Time,
what to do about the 

But either way, be on your best behavior,
because no one truly knows the hour,
but we do have the date,
and that's tomorrow.

Now, I don't mean to be flippant about this matter.
At a certain point in my blogging career,
I was pretty focused on getting folks to straighten up their acts.
Indeed, I wrote a rather naive entry about 11/11/11,
proposing that everyone should be on their best behavior from then until now,
and maybe, just maybe,
if this truly to be the judgement hour,
the Lord On High would forgive us for our transgressions,
if we were to correct them for a year.
But, judging by the events of the last year, 
no one paid attention.

Indeed, it sometimes appears
that evil has compounded,
reaching heights never imagined before.
I need
not give examples, just
fill in a few for yourself.  There are plenty.

Will the world end, though?
Come back on Saturday,
by then we'll know.

In the meantime, remember:
if the end is nigh,
today is the day to say
your goodbyes,

to say your "I'm sorry"s
to tell mom you love her so,
to sit in silence
and listen to snow~

I suspect we won't get off so easy,
we won't disappear in a big bang.

We'll do it to ourselves.
We'll destroy our planet,
we'll kill our children,
we'll refuse to compromise,
we'll perpetuate wars on
unsolvable problems,
we'll go on and on and on,
until someday, slowly, we'll realized 
we're dying,
and no one's coming to save us,
or command us,
or damn us.

Our cruelest judge,
when that time comes,
will be ourselves,
each solitary, self-hating self:
as we look in the mirror of our past deeds,
we'll see,
the evil has existed in you and me.

So, too, does the good.

The attitude I've taken,
and the reason I haven't written here for awhile
(that plus my terrible busy-ness!),
is because I believe
is My Happy Ever After.
Every morning,
I wake up
is the day I've lived all my life to live.
And yes,
I've lived them,
one by one.

You, too.
As you prepare for Apocalypse,
live today as it is
your only day,
your happy ever after,
and every person you encounter
is here for your joy.

And then it won't matter
what happens tomorrow.
Because tomorrow will be
just another day
like today.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting video! If the Mayans aren't getting worked up about it, neither am I.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

well, here i's sunday.
i didn't really think the world would end. BUT i did ask my friend in australia to let me know, since they reach the 21st before we do. BUT then sam reminded me, that it was the Mayan if the world ends, it'll be on OUR 21st and their 22nd.
too complicated. haha.

anyway...i want to wish you a merry everything and a happy & peaceful 2013!! *cheers*

PENolan said...

Happy New Age - when we transition from Fear to Love and leave behind an epoch of patriarchy.