Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

03 October 2012

Watching The Debates: Vote for Fil I. Buster

I'm getting frustrated,
and the first debate is still on.

Why, oh why,
has Barack Obama not mentioned this:

Congressional Filibuster Record by Party 1992 - 2011

Romney keeps making himself sound like
he would be nothing but bipartisan.

( from thebigpicture )

But we know that's not true.
We know
that any democrat in Congress
in a Romney presidency
would be silenced.

Oh, that face,

( from USAToday )

that face:
I trust it as much as I would trust

1 comment:

laura.forestdreams:) said...

oh i totally agree with you.

i thought...while watching the debate...obama doesn't seem like himself. he's tired. maybe he's sick. maybe he's just so frustrated at the romney's outright lies, saying whatever he thinks people want to hear.
that fake smile of his makes me cringe...