Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

03 September 2012

Labor Days Ahead


the garden goddess is overwhelmed by the height of summer,
and I,
am returning to teaching
after a long sabbatical.



Much of my word energy over the past few months has gone
to an article I am writing about
how No Child Left Behind
and other educational reforms
have created a generation of American college students
who are way far behind.

Tomorrow, I head back to classrooms full of 'em again.

My particular focus is on student writing.
Believe me, it's very difficult to teach writing
when you'd rather be writing.

I can theorize away about the problem,
but when faced with a class full of angry young people,
my words, and skills, wain.
Because these students are ANGRY.

Our youth KNOW they have not been educated.
They KNOW it's all been a farce,
and they are amused by teachers 
and administrators
who perpetuate it.

By their first year of university, in fact,
they expect all teachers to be overworked to a point that the students simply are spoonfed
what they need to know to pass the test.
So these dear untutored and undisciplined students get angry
when a teacher actually asks them to be responsible for their own learning.

I don't blame them,
or their teachers,
but I sure have my theories
on who to blame.

Hold on tight --
I may vent here.

this Labor Day night,
my thoughts and prayers go out to all
the teachers in the world,
burdened by testing and assessments so overwhelming
that they get in the way
of teaching.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Teaching is one of the greatest professions but also one of the most challenging. Good luck and stay cool!