Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

28 August 2012

Garbage Bin Women (Living in the 3rd World America)

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My cat Pişi
(who has her own blog, by the way)
came home from me when I returned to the States
after living for four years in Turkey.
Pişi was born in the streets of Ankara.
While I did not remove her from the streets,
I adopted her when the people who snatched her out of the streets
moved on.  As you can see, Pişi moved on with me, and now,
at the ripe old age of fourteen, lives comfortably
in the U.S.A.
She's pretty, eh?  The thing with Pişi, though, is that
she's deaf.  I won't tell that story here, but you can go elsewhere
and read it.  She's also a little bipolar.  She can turn on you when you least expect it,
and when she turns on you, she turns into the wild cat she was born to be.
She's downright nasty, and fights to kill. 
She's the kind of cat who has a little skull and bones drawn on her file
at the Vet's office.  The last time we had her there, even the vet
was afraid of her.  They covered her with a heavy towel, and gave her
her rabies shot, and she was like a wild cat.  They told me never to bring her back.

I believe Pişi is going blind.  I'm really afraid that if she goes blind, she will become wild again.
Not because she wants to hurt me, but because she will feel her  power is gone,
and all she can do to protect herself, when she has lost the control of her major senses,
will be to attack.  It will be her last attempt to control and have power.
She is a very powerful presence.   She is the dominant cat in my house.
I treat her with love and respect, and hope that when she reaches
a point where she can't see, she remembers that, and gives that
back to me.


from: gpbtelevision

As I said in my last entry, I believe
we are living in Post-First World America;
we are living in America in decline.
It's not that we are being replaced by 
another greater power.  We are being replaced
by our own child:
a global, profit-driven economy
that at its best emulates 
the values America has represented 
for several centuries:
freedom of speech (via the internet)
freedom of belief
equality of gender and race
and a basic belief 
in the goodness of humanity.

In the meantime, though,
our power has waned,
our workforce has been emasculated,
our trust in authority, evaporated.
My students are so scarred from the abuse
they have suffered at the hands
of frustrated, equally scarred parents,
of a misguided education system,
of an entertainment world
that promotes instant gratification.

. . . .

from: unrealitymag 

This nation is ill,
and every now and then something happens
that is a glaring symptom of the depth of our illness:

Yesterday, in Niagara Falls, New York,
a five year old girl was found dead, in a garbage bag.
She was murdered by a teenaged boy,
who killed her with his bare hands,
then got a friend to help him dispose
of her body.

And dispose they did,
just like, in 2008, in a young woman was found,
folded in half, stuffed in a garbage bag
and then put out in the trash.
At first, the police ruled her death "accidental,"
the result of an overdose.  They claimed that
she had turned to prostitution to maintain her very
expensive drug habit, and put the the story away.
But everyone knows (and I've written of this before)
that no one who dies accidentally then climbs into
a garbage bag and puts themselves in a garbage bin.
A more recent autopsy has found this woman was strangled,
in a violent rape.
Her murderer has yet to be found.

I do not mean to claim that the same person
is responsible for both of these sad, sad, sad murders.
They have the guilty young boy who committed this week's
crime.  The look in his eyes chills me.

I cannot help but feel that there is a tragic
similarity between these crimes
that ends up being a glaring symptom
of the sickness that permeates America today.

Whoever put these women into garbage bags,
then into garbage cans clearly had no feeling
towards their fellow humans.  They treated them
like something to use,
then throw away.
Those killers
are not human either -- for one reason or another,
they have been led to a point where they
are like cornered animals, like my cat
trapped in a bag, and they are killing
irrationally.  Like wounded wild animals,
they practice whatever potential for power or strength
they have left, and they tend to take it out
against the powerless, the weak, those who
make them feel stronger than they really feel.

No, they should not be forgiven,
but when something like this happens
more than once, I think it's time
for us to consider what this says about us,
the U.S. of A.

Land of the Free.
Home of the Brave.

I'm not sure what the answer is,
though I heard a good idea
at a meeting I went to last week:

it's time for us to create an Adult Culture
in America and in the world
that is kind, compassionate,
wise, human --
true role models for our young,
as we move from a stratified globe
of multiple worlds,
to a single globe
where every individual is respected,
and no one
is put out
in the trash.

from artinwetlands


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Here's a thought off the top of my head -- like any out-of-control addict, does America have to hit rock bottom before it smartens up and kicks the habit?

Makropoulos said...

Hmmm. Yes. We are a nation of obsessive compulsive personalities down here in the U.S. of A., after all. So yes, I agree with that Debra!