Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

16 December 2011

forbidden fruit

There's always been a forbidden fruit,
and there always will be.

There's always something that
within our conscience,
we know we should not do.

(Our conscience, by the way, is that ever flowing,
border crossing,
spiritual entity
that both dictates our individual actions
and unites human - kind.

Essentially, our conscience
is the essence of the Creator
that we all share.

The moment of The Fall was
the moment of evolution
during which
humans recognized they could discriminate,
and make decisions
that are both in tune with the
more significantly,
contrary to 
the will of the Universal Conscience.

It set us in motion to become
in our own right --

So, to reinterpret
that story that I love to interpret
and reinterpret so much:
some early humans
with the initials A and E
once upon a time
were the first to have the capacity
to make a choice 
to ignore the voice of Conscience
and do something contrary to the wishes
of the Universal Good,
and then, they also chose
to pretend that what they did
was just fine.

Thus began
the game of deception that we call Civilization.

( igniq )

We have made the terrific mistake
over the centuries
of believing that our conscience
is individual,
when in fact
it is the steady constant
that provides universal ethics
for harmonious living.

The voice of God
screams out from the depths
of the You
you currently occupy;
it demands
that You cooperate
and collaborate
with your fellow Humans
(and the other animals, as well).

We have stifled the Voice Inside for far far
too long.

If you hear a voice screaming
in your head right now,
as I do,
a voice you cannot ignore,
it is the voice of our shared consciousness
and our source
demanding to be heard.

Listen to it.

1 comment:

laurak@forestwalkart said...

i do. i listen.

but when i was younger...more often than seems the voice was not screaming...but was easy to ignore...push aside. i had to strain to hear it at times...maybe because i was to learn from my mistakes.

as always...a post worth reading again and again...