Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

06 October 2011

The Chorus of the Passing

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When and if my shadow passes
out of this sunlit domain
it will barely be the extinction
                            of a whisper
in the babble of humanity.

Indeed, every single day features
a chorus of the passing,
the extinction of breaths,
and with them voices
speaking the stories
of their lives.

The daily music of loss
is subtle indeed,
but it has its gradations --
it ranking soloists, its greater and lesser
                      (I will be
                         the least
                                              of the chorus, the

The soloists pronounce
an aria across
the universe of sound --
an extinctive summation
of their life,
a constellation in the sky.

( jobslegacy valleynewslive )

We sometimes think it is a tragedy
if one soloist outshines the other;
both are good, oh very good --
but in the end
it's all after all
in the end
it's all a small
matter of statistics --
whatever gets the most hits stays
in business.

Wouldn't you say?

So it's the boldest who rules the day --

but never the boldest
whose brand of bold
went too far into harm's way.

The Chorus of the Passing
resounds everyday; someday
you will sing too, your story --
your aria --
a summation
of your life.

What will it say?

Prokofiev - Houstonpressblog


laurak@forestwalkart said...

~~i stopped by here yesterday...and when i reached the end...i wanted to say something...but it was like the words wouldn't come.
so i waited.
i tend to not pay attention when someone 'famous'...someone who is 'in the public eye'...passes away.
for days, that's all the media talks about...making their little videos of this person's life accomplishments...
it's's a loss...
and so are all the other losses...of those who have passed...whose chorus doesn't travel around the world...or does it?

...being 400 something years old...i'm sure you have had your fill of choruses...
as always...nice make me ...think & wonder...that's a good thing :)

Makropoulos said...

Thanks so much, Laura, for your kind words. Our own stories, well, I like to think we're writing them, right here, in cyber space, on our respective blogs. And your blog is fabulous! All the best.