Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

18 August 2011

The Object and The Form

Old friends come bearing  mem'ries of me
                        in overnight bags,
old friends who one time managed to see
                                     the riches through the rags
                                       and visa versa.

And I, too, saw the wealth in them,
and together we found
             a way to bend--
              a way to friend.

Some saw what they sought to see,
and some saw true.
I pray, friend, when I looked at you,
I just saw you.

Now I too, look,
and you, too, look
for the person left behind:

the one etched in memory
of the friendship of 
much earlier times ---

we seek

the one unspoiled,
unscathed by hurt
and others' selfish whims;

we seek to see our better selves
when we meet each other
somewhere down the road.

( funzug )

~ ~ ~

At this, my very advanced age,
I do not want to be
so lost in examination; I
do not want to need
to say 
out of uncertainty.

But I do,

and I say it with you.

I thank you, friends, for restoring me,
                a broken entity,
scattered over time and space:

some bits are beautiful,
some are not;
some are hesitant
some are hot;
some are gentle,
and some burn--

but all is I
and me,
and you.

We live and love together;
we make humanity

Travel gently, friend,
on your journey home.

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forestwalk/laura k said...

we ARE the world...