Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

06 August 2011

Excavating The Heart

Just when you think
all its fields 
have been plundered,
all its valleys
have been rendered 
fallow, and all
it mountains stripped
of their precious hold,
you'll discover
there are hidden places there -- 
subtle coves, rich
with luscious, newborn
vegetation waiting for the sun.

The heart is a boundless planet,
regenerative and full,
waiting to reward you
if you treat it with respect and love.

at the threshold,
in the glittering priceless rubble
of memory, past happinesses, pains
and lost opportunities
and behold
the new vistas there.

Tred gently there,
speak softly, using
only words that mean
what they say,
and be silent
when the words are not enough.

to the heart's native tongue
that speaks in birdsong,
rustling leaves,
distant chimes,
and gentle surf.

Be still and allow


Debra She Who Seeks said...


Billy Joe said...

Yes, beautiful. Inspiring.

“Neither doth My earth nor My heaven contain Me, but the heart of My faithful servant containeth Me.”

Makropoulos said...

Thanks, Debra and Billy, for your kind words--