Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

30 March 2011

why haven't I written one of my long rambling channellings for awhile?

Maybe some of my dear friends
and readers
are kind of relieved
that I haven't done that
for awhile.

Maybe some of you miss it.

I, for one,
miss it.  Because those long,
intense entries I write come to me
when I'm most relaxed
and my mind is most open
to that kind of reception.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case
for a few weeks or a month
or so
I have to fill my mind
with words that perhaps
should have never been

I try to teach college-aged students
how to write.

That's part of my job.

And it has become more and more painful,
as more and more
colleges are seeing the products of
"No Child Left Behind."

Oh, it's amazing how many children
have been left behind.

And I do not blame the teachers, 
no sirreee.
I have a sister
who is a teacher
and who reports the pain and agony
of the No Teacher Left Standing 

No Time To Teach;
No Child Can Spell;
Some Children Can Read and Write
but Most
Have Learned How to Get By.

Cheating has become an art form.

Now, I could write quite a bit
about my current  theories of how this has happened,
but I really have to get back to grading papers.

a friend of mine, turned me on
to this guy named Taylor Mali
and I found this routine by
Taylor Mali,
and it summarized 
the kind of stuff I encounter regularly
far too well.

and laugh
until you weep:

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