Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

18 March 2011

Random Thoughts on Ghosts and Earthquakes

I find it kind of curious that
I've been getting a bunch of hits on this blog lately
because a few months ago I wrote
about an app I have on my phone
(You will note, that entry is now my highest ranking entry (see sidebar))

I wish  could report that the Ghost Radar
has continued to crack open the divide
between here and the 
nether world,
and to give me the meaning of life,
but when it suddenly blurted out
a few weeks ago
that some grandmother
had a gun,
I stopped using it.
It does tend to spew out
lists of senseless words,
wherein even the most daring imagination
can find few points of connection.

The other app that I have now
that I find to be far more prescient, accurate
and timely
is something called 

Yeah, that's right,
it's an app that reports
all the earthquakes going on
all over the world.
My family thought I was nuts
when I got it,
but I just have been having a funny feeling about the earth
beneath our feet these days:

Humans continually fight their petty fights
and destroy themselves and each other
when, in fact, there are far greater forces at work
right now.  The earth itself is repositioning,
and meanwhile we
have our fingers in our ears, and we're
singing really loud.

When I was sitting in the middle of the desert
last week, I checked the QuakeWatch
with some regularity,
as I was very near
a fault line.
One day, one of my fellow desert sitters
informed me
I didn't need my silly app,
because he could hear the earthquakes,
even the small ones.  And then he started telling me 
whenever there was one.

I would check my app, and
he would right.

Meanwhile, too, though,
early last week,
it was hard not to notice
on my trusty little app
something happening in the Pacific
along the Ring of Fire.

So, though I was saddened and horrified
by the magnitude of the Japan Quake,
I was not surprised.

And this had very little to do 
with any prophetic skills:
my iPhone told me.

(Sorry this is a rather sad little entry,
but I got back home from my trip and proceeded to get
quite ill.  Flying on an airplane in the States these days
has the same effect as getting admitted to a hospital:
both make one ill, if one wasn't
ill before.)

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gawd, there really IS an app for everything!