Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

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On this day, we celebrate
his birth --
He whom so many call
the Savior of the World

While making cookies
tonight, I listened
to all the same old songs,
sung by aging rock n' roll artists
again, and I thought about
the mystery they celebrate:

If you can get past
the flashing lights
and the department stores,
it is a baby they celebrate:
an innocent child,
and this holiday nearly
the purity and truth
and innocence
of a newborn child.

Our favorite songs
speak of glory and majesty arriving
with a tiny child

But the problem with babies,
and Jesus was no exception,
that they grow up.

Jesus continued to answer
with the blatant, even brutal honesty
of a child.
Through the stories we tell of him,
the grown-up Jesus
  has become the embodiment
of being strong enough
to stand up for what 
is good and true.

And His Life is theembodiment of how
the world will squash that,
over & over again.
Those who say the truth,
do it at the risk
of their own lives.

Most humans live a life of lies
and anyone who challenges
them to be more honest
is more of a threat
than a savior.

In the world today,
you're best to kill the honest one
than you are
to follow him
or her.

And so it was with Jesus:
the man who challenged us
to be true to ourselves
and to our neighbors.
The man who challenged us
to love
and forgive
all --

if we met Jesus on the street
could we tolerate
the honesty we'd confront
in the penetrating mirror
of his gaze?

Or would we kill him
Over and over
would we kill him?

indeed, we do


On this day, we celebrate
his birth --
He whom so many call
the Savior of the World
And yet
we keep killing Him
again and again
in the vicious circle
of human history.

 Each year the celebration
of His birth comes around
and brings with it
the challenge
t truly live by His words

And we always abide by that challenge
for a week or two,
then return
materialistic lives,
poised to annihilate
or discredit
any Jesus
who dares to challenge us

I've asked this before;
I'll ask it again --
because our time
is growing short:

why can't we truly 
listen and live
by the words of Jesus?

This Christmas,
why can't we
do it differently,
and truly put on his robe
and walk


PENolan said...

Beautiful reflection

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, that is the question for the ages! Why don't we smarten up? Christmas blessings to you!