Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

10 December 2010

12/10/2010: Channelling from 12/2/2010

please note:
I originally received this
on December 2,
or 3rd,
but didn't have time to post it.

So here goes:
hold onto your hats.
This one's a wild one:

NPR just explained,
very neatly
how language evolves.

Think of this word,
and pronounce it to


Can you say it?

Here is how our beloved
tells us to pronounce it:

/ˈkɑːtɑr/  or kə-TAR

 But the truth of the matter is:
we're saying it wrong.
Because no one who
only speaks English
can say this word
they say it like
what the Announcer on NPR said:
"when they told us
how to say it, they said
'say simply:


So that's how anyone who spoke
both English and Arabic told people
to say

In other words:
is what some old stinky English dude
whose parents had the cash
to put him through years of Arabic lessons
thought he heard
when he heard the word:

Well, anyone who really
looks at that word
can see:
you don't say it like "guitar."
You say

How do you say "Qatar"? from Northwestern News on Vimeo.

Now, this
is where this all gets
kind of strange:

The problem with guitar,
is that it's based on a representation
of a sound,
but the sound
is only
a representation
of a code.

The written word is the first representation
that we ever had
of what
Originally occured


the written word
is like a camera;
it is the apparatus through which
we see
the first utterance
ever made

which was a sound.

The first utterance
which was also
the first representation
was a sound,
the sound
came through our being,
this tiny shell
of our being, our bodies --
the sound came --

This is really strange:
as you read this, think
in a line like this:

the first representation
produced by the Creative Being
when it sought to produce
Something Other Than Itself
was a sound,
a sound,
in order to be heard
had to move
through an apparatus.

And that apparatus
aka: the material world
was produced as a
byproduct of
the first action of
production ==the reproduction
of the immaterial, and
that first reproduction
of the material world
went like this:

details right 'chere

I know this sounds
absolutely insane,
but try to imagine a scenario
in which
there was nothing,
and nothing sought to produce
but in order to be able to
produce something,
needed an apparatus of communication
aka: the material world.

The impetus of that
initial production
this way:

The physical
is like a
pair of glasses
through which
we perceive
the initial production,
which is

that which has been produced
(aka: the represented)
has to use the Material World

 ( Moore'sLore )

to present itself back
to the force that produced it,
in the first place,
so that force
might see
yes the represented
has to project back through
the apparatus
an impression of
what the perfect 
looks like
so the perfect can see it.

Try To Think Like This:

This is an image of
the represented
in its quest to show
the unrepresented
what it
sought to see.)

* ! *

Notably, there's a problem
if the apparatus
(read: The Material World,
aka: Life, the Earth, the Universe & Everything)
is new.
A new apparatus doesn't
understand how to represent
the represented,
because the represented
is so abstract.

Generally, in the case of new apparati,
when asked to represent the initially represented,
it gets all hung up on
the representation
of itself (ie: the Material World)
that is all
it can talk about,
when in fact
the realm of the unrepresented
wants to learn more:
wants to learn all
that is conceivable.

It is the job
of the representable
 to give it to them:
the representable has to render
into the language of the
exactly what it sees.
That's right:
exactly what it sees.

But the problem is:
the first thing we saw
occurred exactly at
the same time
the first sound we heard,
and notably 
the first representation
was not
of a visible;
it was of
an audible.

The visible came second
because we needed
the visible
to see
the representation we produced
the first representation
was a representation
of the audible:

But actually,
we hadn't conceived of any
of those symbols
at the beginning;
the best we could do


or something like this:
or this:

That was the first
the apparatus through which
the represented needed
to travel
in order to communicate what it perceived
back to its origin.

That, only that,
the fragile
written word, or
the subtle, sung
or the trembling, absolute
the drawing or
the painting or
the photograph

all serve to show us
every absolute dimension
of both the created,
material world,
(and its creator),
this is where it gets hard:
it has to be heard,
because the first representation
was the word.

There was only one word,
only one language
for a long time:

the real problem for us today
occurred at the moment
of Babel --
when the world broke in half,
and new words and pronunciations
the further away we got
from the soure,
and we reached a point where we
couldn't understand each other, anymore.

For awhile, we (our different nations) were
talking only
to each other
and pronunciations changed
so radically
over time
that when one of us
on this side of the word
met those of another place,
and heard them say:
"I'm from Qatar"
we wrote down,
the best we could
what we thought we heard,
and told others to just
pronounce it

is pronounced

M - I - S - S - I - P - P - I
is pronounced

That's just all there is to it.

In the realm of all that is represented,
the written word
comes first,
the sound
And Knowledge
is the embodiment
of the ineffible.

So, repeat
after me:

Q - A - T - A - R,


better yet,


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I never heard of Qatar until a couple of years ago, when friends moved there to work. I learned to call it "cat TAR" and thought I was very smart. Now I feel insecure. Good thing It's not a word I have to say often!