Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

09 July 2012

return to the garden

(all photos by Makropoulos)

At the moment when the infamous residents
of the original Garden Eden
ate the apple, something happened:
the human brain began so quickly to grow, so
much so it began to rival

And not knowing this new power they so quickly had in hand,
they panicked.
If they had not panicked so
A + E may have discovered,
far too early,
 the distinctive 
pleasure of mind, the intense
satisfaction one can gain
from imagining worlds.
Ultimately, they, both woman and man,
might have gotten lost
in their own individual revery.
Like two fools in front of a TV,
they would have climbed inside themselves
-- godlike, indeed, one and only --
and that would have been the end
of the human race,
before it even began.

But that was not the plan.

God had intended all along for woman
and man
to make manifest the many dimensions of Him/
(Whatever pronoun we must deploy
to speak of God.)
But if so early in the game
the human players got distracted,
it would be the end.

So God, in Her infinite wisdom,
put an end to that:
He decided that humans, 
more than any other species,
would have the distinct ability
to take intense pleasure in the act
of coupling, and presto!
it worked. 
Man and wife produced
legions, and with that too came
                         falsehood =
all the products of minds misused
and bodies abused, in the 
lusty quest for self stimulation.
But meanwhile we have reproduced
indeed, and invented History
(written by the few, not always the wise;
the wise, in solitude, advanced technology).

And here we are now 
at the crest of infinity.
In our spare time,
we have created a facsimile 
of God=Expansive Mind,
but in our limitations
and morbid manipulations
we cannot see
that God is with us
and in us
right now.

O man, listen to birdsong.
O woman, cease your labors.

The earth pulses with life;
we are her masters.
It is our responsibility to care for her
as it is our appointed duty.

In the word huma, hu represents spirit, and the word mah in Arabic means water.
In English the word "human" explains two facts which are characteristic of humanity:
hu means God and man means mind, which comes from the Sanskrit mana, mind being the ordinary person.
The two words united represent the idea of the God-conscious person; in other words, hu, God, is in all things and being, but it is man by whom He is known.  "Human" therefore may be said to mean God-conscious, God realized, or God-man.    from: The Music of Life, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting etymology of the word "human." The 3rd translation, "God-man," reminds me of Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn's description of humans as the "angel-beast."