Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

29 June 2012

Radio Ruminations

Today I found this little blog called
and I must confess, I was quite smitten by it, and
it's not simply because the guy who runs it
is named Phil.

He has a gallery of radios he has restored,
and he gives plenty of information
on how to restore your own.

I wanted to put Phil on my favorite blog list,
and I will, but I thought I'd also call attention to him
with this modest little entry today.

You see,
I have a little radio problem.
I love radios.
Not only do I think they are one of the most efficient ways
to disseminate information, I also have
utopian visions about them.
I'm not the only one -- when radio first appeared,
plenty of people felt it would be the most
democratic of mediums,
and it would unite the world.  
Well, that task would be left for radio's
younger cousin, the internet.

But I also have
great respect for the way their waves
embrace the earth, in something
like a woven electronic basket.

We tend to be afraid of too much 
radio-activity, but
I tend to think radio waves are our friends;
and we just don't understand how fully they can be --

So many of our recent technologies, in fact, 
have involved working with some form of 
radio wave, taming it for our
own selfish ends.

~ ~ ~

I read somewhere just yesterday
that there is a project afoot to protect the earth
from asteroids.  There's this huge telescope looking for them.

bunsenburner (story here about the telescope)

My question is:
what would we do if we actually found an asteroid hurtling towards us?
Is there some way that the earth can duck?

My simplistic theory is:
use the radio waves.  We can use microwaves to cook,
xrays to see into our bodies,
is there any frequency at which we can create
some kind of shield?

Just thinkin'

This is a pretty modest entry,
so pardon me.
My brain is just not functioning
as fluently as I would like it to.
Too much sun will do that to me.
So let me wish you a happy day,
and move on my way --


. . . and another radio thought:

(just found this on Facebook,
at the FB page "Global Awakening"


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've had a couple of memorable radios in my life . . . . hmm, you've given me an idea for a blog post!

Makropoulos said...

Glad I can help you, Debra -- I'll go check your blog and see what you've written.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

one of my clients...her father...has a HUGE collection of old...antique radios!! they're beautiful...each is so unique...and when he turns one on, i keep expecting war of the worlds...or some OLD program to come through...

twilight zone.