Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

17 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day Thoughts

Oh, it's been too long since I've written here.

No excuses --
I'm back home for now,
and planning another journey, and my mind is still.
It's still hibernating, I think.

Right now, I'm sitting somewhere in Ohio,
marveling over a mid 70's F temperature (about 23 Celsius)
and blossoming daffodils
on St. Patrick's Day,
a day that is typically
snowy, blustery and awful in these parts.

And all I keep thinking is:
it's beautiful, but
there's something wrong.
I tend to think it's the earth telling us
to stop being such fools and stop abusing her so.
A few months ago in Southern Ohio,
fracking caused earthquakes --

Yesterday, my sister told me how the school where she teaches is is being closed,
and there is a rumor that her school board had sold the mineral rights for the land
the building stands on, so they could frack where the building stands.
Of course, the building stands near some low income projects, too.
I guess any land that houses the poor or needy is expendable.

Oh, well, so I sit here on St. Patrick's Day enjoying the weather,
but wondering if this is herald to something the earth has in store for us
for hurting her so.   

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you,
enjoy the day.
Enjoy the world we've been given ~ ~
better yet, do one thing today to take care of that world ~ ~


laurak@forestwalkart said...

~i try to do something nice~for the earth~as often as i can.

sometimes i wonder if the strange weather...IS due to what 'man' has done to the earth...or is it just another cycle...repeating itself every hundreds of years or so...but, either way...when i think of all this, i start to wonder if sucking all the water and oil...will eventually cause the earth to cave in on itself.

anyway...happy belated st patty's day! and glad you're home safe...

Makropoulos said...

Yes, I agree -- the earth does go through cycles. But I wonder sometimes if the various stages of the cycles can be exacerbated by different forms of abuse. After all, it happens with humans -- abuse can cause our ups and lows to be extreme, so why not the earth? We are, after all, both organisms.

But I KNOW you do kind things for the earth! And you respect the gifts it gives us and make them into art! Everyone should do so --