Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

19 September 2011

Just Another Day

OK, dear blog-land friends,
I just would like to say
I'm still among the living and the blogging,
my mind has been terrifically occupied these days.

It's called:
The Beginning of the Academic Year.

But I thought I'd check in with this:

I have for some time been interested
in this whole
December 21, 2012 phenomenon:
the rumored end
of the Mayan calendar,
not to mention that moment of
planetary alignment, when
I think our magnetic polar caps
or something like that
are supposed to shift.

And here it is --
my first experience of a 2012 calendar.

it's one put out by the Alzheimer's Association.

And here, above,
as you can see,
is what December of 2012 looks like --

It's worth noting that December 21,
the supposed end of the world and all time
will be a Friday.

It seems suitable.
Perfect day for an End of the World Party.

And I really like this illustration,
as I am certain this is what the world will look like
at the end:

. . . and perhaps we'll all have Alzheimer's,
and perhaps that will be
the End of Time.

~ ~ 

I'm currently reading a book called
by a former classmate of mine,
a man named Tom Perrotta.

It's really a good book --
Perrotta contemplates
what would happen if
a large group of people just
in a "rapture like event."

Heaven forbid it actually be called the Rapture.

Anyway, I haven't finished it yet,
but I heartily recommend it, 
it's just damned good.
In it, the people who leave are not
The Chosen,
and the Leftovers, are, well,
just like you and me.

I won't say anymore right now,
but I feel a longer entry coming on.

In the meantime,
enjoy 9/19/2011,

which, I predict,
will be

quite simply
just another day.

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'd rather be called "the leftovers" rather than "the dregs," LOL! I bet there'll be lots of End of the World parties on Dec 21, 2012 -- better start planning mine now! Thanks for the tip!