Place of Refuge

Place of Refuge

05 July 2010

God's Cycle

Once upon a time,
there was a god named,
well -- this god didn't have a name, since this God was 
and therefore didn't need a name,
but for purposes of my story I'll call this god

Well, this God was a single God, 
thought I can't say It was
because He was all there was;
She was Everything.
And when You're Everything,
you can't be Lonely.
But the thing is, 
since that God was Everything
He included the Desire
to have a partner
because part of Everything
is that particular Desire.

The thing with this God 
                          worth mentioning
That since He cannot have
all desires at
the same time,
She experiences emtions in cycles,
like a woman
or like anyone
who is tied in with the planets
and the moon. 
                            (women have stronger
                         radio impulses; it's
                   all part of being
                               maternal, and is directly
              linked to that 
             Love thing.)
But back to God, who can't
experience everything at once,
since Experience itself is just
one part of God --
kind of like an iPhone application --
and the other sub-experiences, like:
love                                  paying taxes
birth                        murder
death                  pain
have to get run through that 
Experience Application,
in order for God,
who is Everything
to experience Experiences
and, heck,
that takes time.

In fact, time itself was developed
by this particular aspect of
God, to help explain the 
experience of passing Experience through
what might, 
for lack of a better word,
be called the godPhone

God doesn't have to use
that application all the time;
for instance, when there's
no time.

You see, it all comes at the same point
of Her cycle:
Experience Application and the
Need to Use It, and then the
Emotions & Actions & Events ---

all part of a great 
in the Womb of God.

The name of that point in God's Cycle
is Being, but God thinks that's 
to call it anything, because God
needs no words
                            (words exist mostly
                                 to communicate about
                            what we don't have)
because He's Everything.

~ ~ ~ ~ 

So Once Upon A Time, our God entered that point
in her Cycle called
Being, which is preceded by

and she spat forth

Life, the Universe & Everything

Life, the Universe & Everything
was, well,
the Other Part of God
that comes into Being
because She 
was going through
that part of her Cycle.

( uslhc )

Inevitably, though, when one tiny part of 
Life, the Universe & Everything
is Man & Woman
(hereafter: Human)
you can be sure that something
is going to go wrong, because
the Human is
God imperfect.

That's right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So God spat out
Being, and,
being God, but also the father
and mother both
of this young entity, 
said to Herself:
Well, Hell, I'm God, and I'm 
Everything, and therefore have
experienced Everything, so
I know how tough it can get.
I'm going to make some rules, 
to be kind to them -otherwise,
they'll have to learn Everything 
by their Imperfect Selves, and that's hell,
and will take a hell of a
long time.
And I don't want to
stay in this part of my cycle forever
(it's painful, after all, because
it is that part of the Cycle.)

So God gave Humans
a simple rule about
a particular fruit, knowing
full well that His rule 
had Nothing to do with the 
fruit, but had Everything 
to do with the Rule. God knew,
because She's Everything,
that if the Being - we'll call it Creation --
could just follow that one rule, 
Hell, it would be
Paradise!  (In other words, that part
of the cycle would go by painlessly.)

And Hell, which is by the way another part of Everything,
spoke up through 
Another Application Called Satan
and said:
"What's that you say?"

And Hell knew that if He
coud convince 
that little part of the Creation
that is closest to God
(aka: Humans)
to break a rule, then
Hell would be around
for a little while longer.

And so you can just guess what that guy
from Hell did.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, God was -- no, not pissed,
but disappointed.  God
understood how strong
Satan and Hell could be since
that was a part of God: indeed
a Half of God.
So God was easy on the Creation
to start, and wanted to see
if they could correct
themselves, so God
transferred the Pain of the Being Cycle
to the Woman,
who already had to bear
the Burden of Guilt,

and God said: do it right now.
And God gave Adam a 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm not going to tell the
whole story that follows,
it's in the Bible;
in the Torah;
in the Koran: you
can read it there, and
when you do 
please note the number
of times
that God had to give
Another Rule.

Again and again, He gave new Rules,
hoping, each time, it would
be the last, and the Creation
would get back to being 
nigh perfect, and God could 
get on with Being Everything
and not fretting with this 
One Creation.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Well, it just so happens
that when this particular Creation
was produced, the Experience Application
was aligned to randomly run
the sub-ap of Stubbornness,
and nearly every entity in this
Cycle had a Strong Streak
of it 
which meant they kept refusing to follow the rules.

Now, it's not that God
got mad, because God is Everything
and madness or anger are just
isolated parts of everything; it's just that
God - being Everything -
had a lot more to do than
to hang out and help Her Creation.

So she got back to her Cycling.

But the thing with this God
of Our Story,
is that She continues to
go through the Being 
part of His Cycle.  And
whenever God goes through that part
of the God Cycle, God produces
Something, and Sometimes
that Something remains Perfect,
so it remains part of God.
And occasionally, the 
Something produced aka: the Creation 
is like Us,
and breaks the Rule
whiche means
the Creation lingers and gets older,
and - hopefully - wiser,
that that the next time God come through
this part of the Cycle again, the Creation
is Perfect, or pretty damned 
close to it, so when God says

What did you do wrong?

the Creation tells the Truth,
and God says:
Well, that's not so bad, after all.

If the Creation lies -
as it did in the Garden -
well, then it's damned to 
Hell and whatever the hell
Hell decides to do with them.

But to help us out,
every now and then, 
generally when this God reaches
this point of Her cycle,
God sends out incarnations
of Bits of Herself, whose Sole Task
is to tell the rest of the Creation that
a) they're fucking up
b) give some gentle ideas
on how to stop
fucking up

in a nutshell.
But this particular
Creation was terrifically Stubborn
and kept ignoring the Rules,
in no matter what way, shape or form
She sent them.
God kept sending the Rules
in different forms and languages to the
different parts of His creation,
but they all just basically
say the same thing:

Be kind to each other
Don't take something that is not yours,
including someone else's life.
Don't lie.

The one thing that bugged our
Once-Upon-A-Time-God the most about
this Creation was that
this Creation was so 
strongwilled, it actually thought
that it was Everyting,
which, in fact,
couldn't be 
Any Farther From The Truth.

So after sending a few prophets to no avail,
God would come around to that part of Her Cycle,
look at what was going on with this Creation, and think:
This has to be one of the
most stubborn Creations
I've ever produced 
with my Experience Application!

And I have to admit,
She was secretly a little
Proud, because this was
and is a very strong Creation
indeed - nearly close to God in
Strength - and if this Creation
could get stronger, She might
get a chance, at her next most pwerful
return to her Being Cycle,
She might actually witness
something almost as Beautiful
and Powerful
and Truthful
as Herself.
                   You see,
                            an essential
                                          componenet of being 
                              Everything is 
                              Being Honest,
                                          because Lying means
                                              you're hiding something
                                                         and if you're hiding Somthing,
                                                  then Everything can not be

Well, anyway, this God's 
Belligerent Being has 
continued to be Stubborn
to the poin that every
particle in its composition
appears to be
at war.

And our Once-Upon-A-Time-
God is approaching
that part of her cycle,
and She's gone through every
emotion He could possibly
go through with her Creation -
so much so 
that part of God is thinking:

OK, so you think you're
Everything.  I'll show you
what it's like to be 
Nothing.  And you can 
because there's plenty of room
for Nothing in Everything, 
but there's not much room
for a nothing that thinks
it's everything
in Everything.

But the Creation somehow thinks
that its mother would never do that
to it.  She loves the Creation, doesn't she?
After all, she created it, right?

Well, the Creation needs to realize
that somewhere in the multitude
of thoughts that occupy Everything
are these thoughts:

Don't Push Your Luck

Make My Day

Two All Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles Onions on a Sesame Seed Bun.

Of course, these particular
thought data bits that now linger
and flit about in the deepest 
recesses of the 
Mind of Everything 
were produced by Us,
the black sheep of the family.
Us, the conjoined bits of all the disparate
elements of Creation, was
given a chance to work together, to overcome
and overlook difference and find 
something we could agree on,
and what did we produce?

A Big Mac.

Need I say more?

Another way to look at
the God of my story is this:
it's kind of like the cycling psyche of God
is just a giant
crap game, and if 
we're lucky, when
the application She uses
to Experience Being
comes into alighment
with God's creative center
again, we'd better just hope that

doesn't fall into alignment
somewhere deeper in God's psyche
at the same exact time, because
if that's what's there, well,
that's what she'll decide to do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some elements of the Creation 
began to realize
that this was the problem,
and that they had kind of created
their own fate,
by putting such crazy ideas
into God's head, so they sought
to decide if they had the power 
to change how God might react
when she looked at her 
Stubbornest of Creations:
As a result of reading
some complex heiroglyphs
left by ancient civilizations,
and partaking in an elaborate
shamanistic ritual,
and well as some complex
mathematical problems,
they determined that the solution lay in 
They should show God,
that they had finally paid
attention to Her Law
and learned from their Mistakes.

Their hope was to 
Make Her Day
so God will look upon her Creation 
and say:

Ah yes, it's part of me after all;
it's pefect!
And everyone would live
happily ever after.

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